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OOH in a Self-Driving America

A report from the OAAA Fully automated vehicles (AVs) are the future of transportation and mobility in America and will be a disruptive force across the economy. A new report explores the trend toward automated driving. How long will it take? What challenges face automated driving? Are there possible opportunities for OOH advertising? The report, commissioned by the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research & Education, explains this important trend from the perspective of the OOH medium. The Future of OOH […]

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Douglas Watts on why OOH is entering a golden age.

Douglas Watts is President of Urban Media Group.  He acted as a brand officer for the OAAA in the lat 80’s and early 90’s.    Here’s a recent email he sent to the OAAA CEO Nancy Fletcher talking about how media has changed and why he thinks out of home is at the beginning of a golden age.  Insider thanks Nancy Fletcher and the OAAA for permission to publish. “Nancy, It occurred to me after our Twitter exchange the rather remarkable transformation […]

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OAAA Sales Tip

Courtesy of the OAAA. Media Audience Fragmentation Provides Opportunity For OOH In its 2016 annual Pew Research State of the News Media Report, the Pew Research Center documented that 2015 was another year of alarming declines for newspapers — the worst since the 2008-2009 recession. The other local medium suffering news audience loss is local TV, as noted in the chart below. The shrinking of these previously robust audience delivery platforms enhances the position of OOH with its ability to […]

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Marci Werlinich on What To Look OUT for at the 2017 Convention

Marci Werlinich is VP of Membership and Administration at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). She’s spent her entire 31-year professional career serving the OAAA and its members. Marci focuses on membership recruitment, planning logistics, human resources and information technology. Marci was elected into the OAAA Hall of Fame in 2011.  Insider talked with Marci last week. Marci, how big is OAAA staff? OAAA has a small but dedicated staff of 12 who serve over 800 member companies. Most people […]

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Digital Billboards Help FBI Solve Another Case

FBI headquarters provided this update to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA): “Fugitive Demeko Wells was featured on digital billboards in the Tampa, FL, area. The pressure created by the billboards influenced Wells to turn himself in the day after the billboards were posted. “After turning himself in, Wells admitted to the agents that he had seen himself on the billboards. He was arrested on March 23, 2017. The fugitive was charged with the following: Identity theft; access device […]

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2017 CPM Media Inflation Projections

Thanks to the OAAA for allowing us to reprint their article. MAGNA’s CPM projections for 2017 are detailed in the chart below. TV and digital are the big drivers of the total media average CPM increase of 7 percent for 2017, while OOH continues to demonstrate good value in today’s marketplace because of its massive reach. For readers who don’t commonly use CPM metrics, it’s important to note that they are used to assess the cost effectiveness of advertising. A […]

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Billboard ‘Speech’: Part of America’s Daily Conversations

Insider thanks the OAAA for permission to reprint. The courts have long recognized billboards as a form of speech, protected by the First Amendment. A bold proof point to this long-held legal premise is the back and forth dialogue displayed on billboards. (Commercial and non-commercial messages.) “I am active on social media, tweeting daily as part of a fast-paced conversation about the latest industry news,” said OAAA’s Nancy Fletcher. “From my perspective, many current topics appear on OOH platforms.” This […]

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Together, Through Thick and Thin

In their March Legal Report, OAAA Counsel Eric Rubin explores the ties that bind all outdoor advertising companies. A shared interest in the core legal and legislative issues transcends size and geography. OAAA members range in size from closely-held independent companies that serve a limited number of markets to public and privately owned members with a broader regional or national focus. Member companies also have differing operating characteristics and priorities that are a function of their ownership structure, the nature […]

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OOH Revenue Growth Cools in last 6 mos

US Out of home revenues grew in line with US nominal GDP during 2016.  A look at the last four quarters, however, shows that US out of home revenues growth lagged GDP during the last 6 months of 2016.  Insider will be watching the next couple quarters to see  if this is statistical noise or a trend. US Nominal GDP Growth Compared With US Nominal Out of Home Revenue Growth   Insider is comparing nominal US out of home revenues […]

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Billboards Showcase Environmental Progress

From the OAAA Outlook Newsletter When driving the cross-town freeway (Interstate 105), second-generation billboard owner Chris Zukin spots environmental progress, in lights. Zukin, general manager of Meadow Outdoor Advertising sees new more efficient, longer-lasting LED lights his company is installing on all its lighted billboards in Oregon and six other Western states. “Paying it forward” to control future costs and reduce energy footprint, Zukin is making the investment to convert his billboard lights from high-wattage metal halide fixtures to dramatically […]

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