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Protect Your Digital Signs

Guess what’s the number one search query on the Billboard Insider website this year? “How to hack a digital billboard.” There are lots of people out there who would love to hack your digital signs to make you look bad or simply to show they can get away with it.  The anti-billboard crowd would love to point to hacking as another reason why digital signs should be outlawed.  Here are some articles Insider has written on the subject this year […]

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Bill Ripp on How to Prevent Hacking of Digital Billboards.

Insider wishes to thank the OAAA and Lamar Vice President/Digital Development Bill Ripp for this article.  Ripp is Chairman of the OAAA’s Digital Billboard Committee. The recent hacking of two digital billboards in Alabama reminds us of these important points: Digital billboards – like the rest of the world linked to the internet – are vulnerable to attack We must secure the structure and the cyber feed To that end, the industry has helpful, practical guidelines (and more on the […]

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Outdoorlink on Protecting Your Digital Sign

Insider wrote an article last week about Digital Billboard Hacking.  The subject is timely. , Motherboard and Sixteen Nine reported that last Friday a hacker put pornographic images of Marco Rubio on 2 Alabama digital billboards owned by Durden Outdoor after a hacker breached the controls.  The hack happened because the board’s login credentials were admin/admin. Insider asked Dwight Jennings, CEO of OutdoorLink, Inc®. about his thoughts on protecting digital billboards.  Outdoorlink, Inc®. makes billboard monitoring and security products.  The firm’s SmartLink™ […]

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Durden Outdoor Digital Billboards Hacked

Insider wrote last week about Digital Billboard hacking.  On Friday Durden Outdoor digital billboards in Enterprise, Alabama were hacked according to, Motherboard and Sixteen Nine.  The hacker uploaded faked pornographic images of Marco Rubio.  Sixteen Nine reports that the hack was aided because the login credentials for the board were admin/admin. Insider’s take:  Billboard or website security starts with good password protocol.  Never call the admin the admin.  Use a password with numbers, letters and symbols.  We will write more […]

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Hacking Digital Billboards

There’s a 2013 Defcon talk called Hijacking the Outdoor Digital Billboard.  You tube “hacking billboards” you’ll see lots of hijacked digital billboards.   There are creative, intelligent, sketchy people with way too much time on their hands who would love to hack your digital billboards.  Here are some billboard vulnerabilities identified in the Defcon talk. No locks on a computer interface box at the base of your billboard or a Commercial Masterlock protecting the console at the base of the billboard. […]

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