• Your OAAA: Communicating the Value of OOH

    Steve Nicklin, VP Marketing, OAAA

    (On July 25, OAAA hosted a webinar for non-members, explaining how the trade association boosts sales and protects assets.  Insider is posting a three-part series based on this webinar. In Part I Myron Laible explained OAAA’s regulatory problem solving.   In Part II Ken Klein described the advance of digital billboards, and OAAA’s role. In Part III, Steve Nicklin recommends the most valuable resources to promote OOH in your local market).

    By Steve Nicklin, VP of Marketing, OAAA.

    OAAA has a vast number of resources to help you increase business by communicating  how OOH can work for your local advertisers, and providing tools to assist them in creating the most effective campaigns.

    OOH Marketing Research

    OAAA has invested heavily in marketing research, and offers the most compelling OOH proof points the industry has ever had. Studies document the massive reach of OOH, its ability to engage consumers, influence behavior and produce sales, drive online activations, and reach mobile consumers. For sophisticated advertisers, scientific research proves the ROI value of OOH, and makes the case for greater levels of OOH investment to maxmize overall media plans.

    OOH Local Case Studies

    Local clients typically respond well to testimonials. The OAAA case study library is comprised of local, regional and national studies but over 150 of them are local cases mirroring the types of advertisers most OOH media companies deal with on a daily basis.

    OOH Sales Training

    OAAA provides an entire sales training series containing manuals and videos. The program covers the most important topics such as the value of OOH, understanding client objectives, and crafting client proposals.

    OOH App

    OAAA developed the OOH Resource Center app to support OOH sales professionals. The app is structured so an entire sales presentation can be delivered using the app alone. It provides the most essential and relevant OOH facts to present in face‐to‐face client meetings, and proves the value of OOH with compelling visuals, advertising research, and detailed case studies. It’s available on the Apple App store, and through Google Play. There’s also a desktop version available through the OAAA website.


    OOH Creative Testing Tool

    The number one factor driving any advertising client renewal is effectiveness. Many consumers only have a few seconds to interact with an ad, so getting the creative right is especially important. We all have a vested interest in improving creative everywhere in the OOH space. OAAA offers a tremendous tool that provides creative testing of a variety of OOH formats in the urban, suburban and highway environments. The tool incorporates an adjustable distance meter to determine varying depths of view and ease of readership. Once created, the OOH rendering can be sent directly to clients through email or website link to allow discussion about the proposed creative product.

    OOH is the only form of traditional media growing in today’s highly-fragmented media environment, so it’s a very exciting time for our industry. My past experience includes both cable TV and radio, so I understand the unique opportunity OOH has along with the challenges faced by our traditional competitors. I derive great satisfaction in helping our members as they work to grow their OOH business

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