• YouGov And Outdoor’s Bright Future

    Billboard-Insider-LogoSome new data from YouGov demonstrates the growing power of interactive billboards and their ability to reach young and old people. New data from YouGov Profiles suggests  around one in two people both notice billboards at the side of the road and agree that billboards showing dynamic content, such as breaking news, capture their attention. A growing number of people also use ad blockers when browsing the internet, leaving plenty of online ads unseen.

    Young people in particular show interest in the next generation of billboards. For example, when asked if they’ve ever seen an interactive billboard that can connect with their phone, 33% of those under 30 say that they have — more than any other age group.

    The statistics from their survey makes another challenge to one of the prevailing narratives of advertising — that traditional media is the best way to reach older people. Online ads are already an accepted part of the landscape, and, ironically, may now be more effective with older, less tech savvy consumers. With new interactive features, the friendly old roadside billboard is getting a new lease of life.

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