• Year End Regulatory Roundup

    Three year-end regulatory stories.

    Myron Laible

    Billboard operators in Missouri thanked Myron Laible for his long service to the industry.  Laible retires from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) effective January 4, 2019, after 33+ years.  The OAAA Board of Directors and Legislative Committee honored him on November 13.

    The Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association (MOAA) adopted a resolution to recognize Laible’s expert advice and assistance spanning decades.  Billboard messages in Missouri also expressed thanks:

    Veto in Michigan

    On December 27, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder vetoed legislation sought by the billboard industry.  The governor expressed concern about the prospect of more digital billboards in an “already crowded space” and also called for more public discussion regarding vegetation control.  We’ve attached the veto message below.

    Help for Stott Employees

    Richrd Schaps, CEO, Van Wagner Group

    Insider thanks readers who supported the GoFundMe account created to help employees of Stott Outdoor Advertising who lost homes to wildfire in Northern California.

    As noted, support for Stott employees came from across the country. Richard Schaps, CEO of the Van Wagner Group based in New York, recently donated $5,000. The GoFundMe total was $45,315 as the year ended.

    When Stott General Manager Jim Moravec created the GoFundMe account, he set a goal of $40,000. Employee-assistance funds have paid to replace clothing, kitchen ware, appliances, and more.

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