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Culver City, CA — As the center of Los Angeles sports gravity slowly shifts south to Inglewood with the Los Angeles Rams, Chargers and Clippers all moving their high-profile franchises into the neighborhood — and with 80 million annual airline passengers using nearby LAX — the two-year-old WOW Media has firmly planted itself as a premier digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising medium with now 4 static digital screens facing the 405 Freeway and 10 street-level units that use a combination of static and full-motion video.

A first in Southern California, WOW launched its initial 20×60 full-motion video screen on July 1 at La Brea and Century Blvds. 

Scott Krantz, Founder and CEO, WOW Media

“WOW Media is the only full-motion digital billboard network in the United States,” says Scott Krantz Founder and CEO of WOW Media, who also jokingly refers to himself as the “Benevolent Dictator” with his staff and clients. 

“While a select few have one sign here and there,” he adds, “there’s no other that has a network with coverage of OOH billboards that stretches all the way across the street.”

Ever since WOW Media’s first three digital screens went live on May 1, 2017 at Century and La Brea, premium advertisers have been lining up and promoting their products, services, movies, networks and TV shows front-and-center at these high traffic locations.  Top advertisers include Disney, HBO, Netflix, California Lottery, Paramount, KNBC4, McDonalds, Apple, CBS, VICE Media, Universal Studios, Red Bull, Sony and a relatively new content partner, The Onion.

“We’re always looking for a new way to get our content in front of our clients and partners in the entertainment industry,” explains Joe Fullman, VP Marketing for The Onion.  “I can hardly think of a better place to reach world class programming and development executives than when they’re stuck in LA’s world class traffic.”

In 2015, “I approached the City of Inglewood and showed them a way to help reduce their deficit and create long-term value for the community,” Krantz says explaining how it all started.

Today, research shows that full-motion video campaigns have a 250% greater impact on consumers than static content, according to a study at Ocean and Neuro-Insight in the United Kingdom.

To enhance that full-motion high impact for its advertisers, WOW Media offers a kaleidoscope of game-changing visual options such as live countdowns; live’ score updates of Clippers’, Rams’ or Chargers’ games; mobile integration; streaming content from social media and user- generated content that can directly and artistically arc brands to connect with their on-the-go audiences through these innovative and immersive technologies.
True to his self-described moniker, Krantz is also benevolent as he helps develop video artists and create awareness on critical public service issues.   Over 40 domestic and international artists have been given donated air time as a platform to showcase their visual acumen.  Each artist also receives a permanent viewing residence under “Artists” at  In addition, WOW Media has also donated considerable air time to the national Ad Council and three of its PSAs including:  Type 2 Diabetes Prevention, Shelter Pet Adoption and the 2018 VOTE Campaign. 

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