• What Does Good Billboard Creative Look Like?


    By View Chicago, LLC.

    Good billboard creative is simple, but not easy.  When advertisers get it right, we look to examine what they’re doing that’s working.

    Our featured billboard creative for this post is @ Properties.  @ Properties is Chicago’s largest residential real estate brokerage. They are neighborhoods experts, and they are also brilliant marketers. They are showing off their design and branding skills with this super clean placement in Wicker Park.


    Here’s a few reasons why we love their billboard copy:

    It’s image-centric

    The use a of single, clean image conveys their brand message with almost no verbiage. @ Properties is a metropolitan, smart brand that knows Chicago. The image tells the story without having to say a word.

    It doesn’t try too hard

    Often, advertisers are tempted to say too much with a single placement. Understandably, they are trying to take multiple shots at getting their audiences’ attention by featuring multiple services, value propositions, and offering multiple calls to action (phone numbers, websites, social media handles).

    When outdoor advertising is done well, it’s clear and bold enough to grab attention and it will make an impression in the mind of the desired audience.

    It’s well placed.

    This wallscape is on Milwaukee Avenue, south of Division in Wicker Park. Milwaukee Avenue, often referred to as the “Hipster Highway,” is a major thoroughfare and bike route connecting downtown Chicago to the northwest side neighborhoods of West Town, Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Logan Square. These areas are largely residential and full of young families and first time home buyers.

    …It’s also one of many from @Properties

    Check out a few more great creative executions from @ Properties…

    @ Properties - 1143 W Lake.jpg
    @ Properties C-1960 approaching 7.5.18.jpg

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