• Waterman Joins Vistar Media

    Chris Waterman

    Vistar Media, a programmatic technology company for digital out-of-home (DOOH), announced today the appointment of former Rubicon executive Chris Waterman athe Director of Publisher Partnerships.

    Before joining Vistar, Waterman was Senior Director of Sales at Rubicon Project, where he led global efforts for digital out-of-home, specifically in North America, and expansion into EMEA and LATAM. Prior to Rubicon, Chris was a Trading Platforms executive at Fairfax Media, focusing on revenue strategy and the DRX advertising platform.  Insider interviewed Waterman earlier this week.

    If you could change one thing about the way the out of home industry approaches programmatic what would it be.

    I wouldn’t change the way the digital out-of-home industry is approaching programmatic – however, I would change the way some programmatic partners are approaching digital out-of-home. The out-of-home medium has existed and succeeded for what it achieves for marketers. Enhancing these attributes through data and technology should be how programmatic approaches this industry, as opposed to just bringing ideas and methods from the online world.
    What impact do the latest Geopath enhancements have on your ability to sell programmatic ooh?
    The latest Geopath enhancements will positively impact the ability to do programmatic digital out-of-home because it will bring more granular insights to the marketplace. Providing value and transparency to our customers across the out-of-home landscape will be key to drive greater adoption of programmatic digital out-of-home. Geopath’s strength in providing this data to the market will only enable further growth for billboard operators utilizing this data in a programmatic capacity.

    For more information about Vistar or the company’s new out-of-home solutions, please visit http://www.vistarmedia.com/. To inquire about sales or employment opportunities, please contact info@vistarmedia.com.

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