• Watchfire introduces light blocking technology

    Watchfire has designed a new patent pending digital billboard light blocking technology for locations that require  a narrower viewing angle. Insider talked with Watchfire’s Darrin Friskney about the product.

    Darrin talk about the louvers.

    The louvers eliminate light spillage from digital billboards by narrowing the billboard viewing angle from 140 degrees to 60 degrees without degrading image quality.  We install the louvers on our digital billboards at our factory.

    It’s challenging to get the product right.  You need to avoid altering billboard images.  You also need to precisely block each LED to avoid pinkish or bluish color shifts as you move to the side of the viewing area.  We were also careful to make sure we didn’t introduce variance in UV degradation over time.  We’re trying to make sure we keep building signs with images that last a long, long time.  It seems simple to block LEDs, but there’s more to it than you might think. .

    Is the louver installed on every Watchfire Digital Billboard?

    No.  It’s meant only for digital billboards where the billboard operator thinks it’s warranted.  Very few digital billboards have light issues.  Their light is already highly directional.  Your Watchfire sales rep can help you determine if it’s needed.  Here’s how the product works.

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