• Voices from “Ban States” Rely on OOH Media

    First, a billboard. Then transit ads. When a group in Maine sought to amplify its message about animal rights, it turned to out of home media . . . outside Maine.

    The recent “Ditch Dairy” campaign, sponsored by Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Brooks, ME:

    • Is the latest example of voices from billboard-ban states delivering messages via OOH media across state lines
    • Showcases the point that billboards and other OOH formats express opinion, ideas, and debate (exactly the type of communication worthy of First Amendment protection)

    This billboard stood on Route 1 outside of Boston for two months this winter and drove so much traffic to the website of the Peace Ridge Sanctuary that the server crashed.

    “We had to ramp up our website and put it on a more robust server,” Melissa Andrews of Peace Ridge Sanctuary told the Portland Press Herald. “We got a lot of really positive feedback.”

    Encouraged, Peace Ridge decided to buy ads in Boston’s subway cars, which generated an even larger response.

    Maine, Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont ban billboards, which have been used outside those states to promote tourism and visitation to “ban states.”


    Seat Belts in Vermont

    Federal grants help states boost seat belt usage. When the feds gave Vermont $24,000 in 2005, the state bought billboards in bordering states to remind motorists to buckle up in Vermont.

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