• Vinyls – Does Ink Make a Difference?

    Most of us have our “go to” vinyl printers, but do we ever stop to think about the ink they print with?  Insider spoke with Baud Ramirez, General Manager at Blue Sky Digital Printing about ink and ink durability.

    Do you look at durability of  ink as an important issue?


    Why is that and what type of ink does Blue Sky use?

    We use Genuine EFI Inks for that very reason. Genuine EFI Inks come with a warranty of up to two years against outdoor fading and five years indoors. This allows us to do jobs for indoor and outdoor applications with confidence, knowing that EFI, the market leader in print technology, is backing our work with long-lasting inks that are the best in the business.

    Do consumers need to be thinking about ink quality when they are ordering a new vinyl?

    Very much so, because their vendors can have the best equipment, or the best processes, but if they don’t have the best ink, none of that matters. Because we strive to be the best is just one reason we use the ink we do. We have the assurance that we are getting the highest color quality, durability, performance, reliability, and consistency.

    You mentioned about getting the highest color quality with this ink, can you expound on that?

    EFI inks produce the widest color gamut possible today. The pigments in their inks, in conjunction with unique additives, increase the gamut and glossiness of the output. The color balance is managed to exacting tolerances, enabling the recreation of life-like colors to reliably produce crisp, vivid images.

    How much testing of an ink product will you do before choosing to work with a vendor?

    All Genuine EFI Inks must pass a rub test whereby prints are put under a pressure of 175 lbs (79 kg) and rubbed left to right 200 times; inks are passed if there is little to no color transfer. Color set off (or ink hardness) is also tested by putting the surface under a weight of 200 lbs (90 kg) for 24 hours; inks are passed if there is little to no color transfer to the other material.


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