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    DDI digital billboard in St Louis

    Vince Miller of DDI Media has written a nice article in Digital Signage Today called “Digital billboards in the right locations drive big revenue.”  Miller mentions that digital signs account for 2% of the company’s faces but generate 10% of the company’s revenue.  Here’s why:

    • Digital is flexible.  The old model of pricing for a year goes out the door.
    • Digital can be changed frequently.  Think day-parting or ads which target today’s concert convention center events or TV shows.
    • Digital can be geographically targeted.
    • Digital is quick.  There is a 30 minute turnaround on a digital message versus 24-48 hours or more for other types of media.
    • Digital allows you to support the community with public service ads.  You can’t do this with static boards which have long terms contracts and vinyl and installation costs.

    Miller concludes by saying that DDI feasibility of digital assuming a 25% vacancy rate (6 of 8 flips sold each month).

    Insider’s Take: inventory flexibility is a huge plus for digital.  The old model of annual contracts goes out the window which allows  you to accesss a broader market.  You need to incorporate replacement costs into your feasibility analysis, however, because a digital sign will probably have to be replaced at the end of 10 years.



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