Verizon Media and Out of Home

Verizon has been expanding into digital out of home.  In May the company joined the Digital Place Based Advertising Association.  In September Verizon partnered with Broadsign to allow Verizon advertisers to access Broadsign’s programmatic inventory.  Insider asked Verizon’s media team some questions about what the company is doing.

How did Verizon get involved with Digital Out of Home?

Verizon Media began offering DOOH beginning in early 2019. With the growth and expansion of digital screens outside of the home, it was challenging for advertisers to manage individual buys across multiple screen owners around the world. By adding a DOOH Planner, we were able to provide a single location for advertisers to find their desired POI, select multiple screen owners, choose their screen sizes and much more to easily plan and manage their DOOH buys. Since then, we’ve also added audience indexing capabilities for better targeting, integrations with key screen owners for real-time bidding and optimization, and currently adding more measurement capabilities to prove ROI for DOOH as this emerging channel grows.

Explain what a DSP is in plain english?

A demand-side platform, or DSP, is a powerful media buying platform that allows advertisers and marketers to purchase highly targeted digital ad space efficiently and at scale. DSPs serve as the middleman between media buyers and publishers, providing a repository through which they can buy and sell ad inventory. In the past, digital ad space was bought and sold directly between ad buyers and ad sellers. This process proved to be expensive, time consuming, and unreliable, leaving buyers in a tough spot in some cases. DSPs were created to provide a much more streamlined and cost-efficient process. Verizon Media’s DSP provides simplicity, flexibility and transparency to buying media, managing campaigns, and maximizing performance.

What’s a profile of a typical Verizon’s DSP user?

Our DSP buyers range from advertisers to agencies who are trying to reach their consumer on the go, across all verticals. Many of our advertisers run campaigns across all media and are able to leverage our DSP to plan, optimize, and report holistically across their marketing efforts.

What new initiatives can we expect to see from Verizon over the next year?

Verizon Media DSP continues to spearhead advancements in DOOH marketing with more open exchange capabilities, additional cross-device targeting, 1st party measurement, and unique access to OOH inventory in the coming months.


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