• Company Profile: Streetlytics

    During the coming year Insider will profile influential out of home agencies and out of home data firms. We start the series by profiling the big data platform Streetlytics,  Streetlytics is working with Geopath to improve the quality of out of home data.

    Product: Streetlytics, powered by AirSage

    Companies: Streetlytics is a joint product of AirSage and Citilabs

    Headquarters: Streetlytics – 1330 Spring Street NW, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA  30309.  Citilabs – 2005 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

    Contact: Hugh Malkin, Director of Business Development, hmalkin@citilabs.com, 404-993-4168

    Hugh, give an overview of Streetlytics

    Streetlytics is an exciting new product that powers Geopath’s out of home rating system. In a way Streetlytics is really the brainchild of two companies, AirSage and Citilabs, uniquely positioned to be able to provide the types a wealth of audience insights. The partnership brings together each companies’ core competencies in a way that really pushes forward the intelligence behind Out of Home’s currency. AirSage provides high volume, high velocity geolocation insight creation and then Citilabs uses their data analytics platform to contextualize the various geolocation data sources AirSage provides along with additional datasets to answer the question of who, where, when, why, and how is my audience in a location at a given time.

    What projects is Streetlytics working on for Geopath?

    AirSage and Citilabs will provide the backbone of the source data to power the Geopath ratings product. We do this by harnessing over 40 different data sources including cellular and GPS data. We take all that data, “stir it together” using the Citilabs’ proprietary Data Fusion Engine and produce hourly traffic volumes for the days of the week and months of the year. More importantly, we will provide insights into the audiences that comprise those volumes.

    How will this work help Out of Home advertising companies and their clients?

    For a long time Advertisers have been pushing the Out of Home industry to provide more quantifiable insights regarding audiences.  The new Geopath audience measurement tool powered by Streetlytics is a huge step in the right direction to providing a responsible and meaningful ratings enhancement.

    What else should an Out of Home advertising company know about Streetlytics?

    Traffic volumes with corresponding audience information are just the tip of the iceberg. This year and next we are very excited to push forward on a variety of enhanced insights to serve the Out of Home industry. It’s our goal to provide a one stop shop to when it comes to understanding the daily journeys of the audiences our advertisers want to reach.


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