• Veale Outdoor and Public Service Advertising

    Tom Jackson, Veale Outdoor

    Digital billboards allow a company to run time sensitive public service advertising.  Tom Jackson of Veale Outdoor tells Insider this:

    “We at Veale Outdoor feel it is important to be active participants in promoting local  community organizations and charities. It helps foster positive energy and growth within the communities that we serve. That’s why when we have space available we will donate that time and we are happy to promote local fundraisers after major disasters such as the wildfires that struck Sonoma county last October.”
    In October 2017 when Sonoma County was being ravaged by wildfires, Veal used billboards to boost community morale.
    And to raise money for community charities.
    The company runs public service ads.
    And allows people to celebrate birthdays.
    Insider’s take: Don’t be shy about reminding your local public safety and government officials about the dynamic programming benefits of digital billboards.

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