• US Out of Home Revenues

    Here’s a table of US Out of Home revenues for the past 28 years compared with the change in the US GDP.  The results:

    • Out of Home has been a GDP business since 1990.  US Out of Home revenues grew 4.1%/year for the past 38 years versus 4.5% growth in the US economy.
    • Out of Home is cyclical and declines during economic recessions.  Revenues declined 3% in the 1992 recession, 0.8% in the 2001 recession and 19% in the 2009 recession.
    • Out of Home trailed US GDP for the past three years although this trend reversed itself in the fourth quarter of 2018.  Insider expects out of home to outperform US GDP during the next ten years due to the rise of digital billboards and out of home’s success at taking a greater share of the total ad spend.

    US Out of Home revenues versus US Nominal Gross Domestic Product 1990-2018

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