• Ubimo dashboard shows impact of covid on place based out of home.

    To understand how shutdowns and business reopenings are affecting place-based Out-of-Home (OOH) Ubimo built a covid dashboard monitoring movement around OOH properties in four categories: convenience, grocery stores, gyms, and malls. With this dashboard, you can see movement nationally across these categories, in addition to movement by Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs). These views will allow you to find areas of opportunity across regions and locations.

    Brands and advertisers can connect with customers on a local level to provide relevant messaging, reaffirming a brand’s commitment to the consumer and informing of products or offerings that could be useful during this time. As we move through COVID-19 and staggered reopenings, understanding current areas of opportunity is critical to the success of campaigns. DMA level insights provide the data necessary for executing local place-based OOH strategies.

    Here are some charts showing the impact of covid convenience stores, grocery stores, gyms, and malls.  The charts show that gyms have been the most severely impacted.



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