• Ubimo and Kinetic to provide real-time audience segmentation

    NEW YORK, N.Y. (May 15, 2019) – Ubimo, a leading location intelligence technology company will enable Kinetic US, the leading digital innovator in out-of-home (OOH) advertising, to provide real-time audience segmentation to any geographic entity to improve OOH campaign performance for their clients.

    By incorporating Ubimo’s technology, Kinetic will be able to apply any digital data set to the location of OOH and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) properties, optimize plans and access audience segmentation and insights at the individual place level. Leveraging these capabilities, Kinetic can connect digital data, audience movement and physical locations across the U.S., ranging from OOH properties to stores, venues and other points of interest (POIs). The platform will also enable Kinetic to attribute foot traffic lift to OOH campaigns.

    “Ubimo’s platform will empower Kinetic to better align our clients’ OOH and DOOH campaigns to the dominant digital strategies, tactics and measurement they rely upon to produce their best results.  We expect to develop more impactful, effective plans that work with mobile to deliver optimized solutions that exceed our clients’ business and marketing objectives.” said Michael Lieberman, co-CEO of Kinetic US.

    Through machine learning methodologies developed specifically for OOH media owners and agencies, Ubimo is able to define POIs and desired audience types and, for example, rank or index over- or under-performing OOH properties and create audience segments or expand audiences with predictive modeling as well as attribute the impact of a campaign on lift and foot traffic. Anonymized and aggregated data are used for campaign planning and execution, as well as in-campaign and post-campaign insights. Its platform Polaris is used by leaders in OOH, Shopper Marketing and Retail.

    “We have built a technology that allows marketers to run audience-based planning and attribution in the physical world. By layering digital, location, and aggregated behavior data with Ubimo, marketers can now understand what places attract what audiences and therefore define the best properties for a campaign,” said Gilad Amitai, COO of Ubimo. “This technology will allow out-of-home, which has traditionally been siloed from the wider media mix, to be a strong part of the omni-channel strategy. We are excited to work with Kinetic, and see the ways they will leverage location intelligence as part of their continued commitment to innovation and success for their clients.”

    In December 2018, Forrester identified the need to connect the physical and digital worlds, and recognized Ubimo as one of the most significant location intelligence platform providers. The leading industry analyst firm gave it the highest possible scores for performance and execution of roadmap criteria, and noted its ability to embed decision making actions and experiences, which resonate with those in the OOH space, like Kinetic.

    According to Out of Home Advertising Association of America, 4% of total U.S. media spend is OOH. The current forecasts peg DOOH growth at 10% every year over the next four years. This year alone, the expectation is that digital will account for around 37% of the overall OOH spend, which is a 35% jump from 2018.

    For more information about Ubimo, visit: www.ubimo.com

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