• Today at the IBOUSA Convention – Health Plan

    IBOUSA announced today that it will be making a full-service health plan available to its associates that will cost substantially less than otherwise available.

    “Health care is a concern of all Americans,” says IBOUSA Executive Director, Chris Cowlbeck. “But to-date, small to mid-sized businesses and sole proprietorships have been excluded from the coverage and pricing benefits afforded large businesses.”

    Cowlbeck continues, “Through our work with association health plan consultants, Sodality Health (www.sodalityhealth.com), we are excited to announce that we will be teaming with CarynHealth (www.carynhealth.com) to provide full-service coverage to our associates at greatly improved economics. We intend to add another tier to open participation with our group and this health plan. We will welcome installers, posters, designers, ad agencies and others in need who touch our industry.”

    Scott Henderson, CEO of Sodality, notes that “Historically, association health plans have struggled primarily because of their small size, their lack of reinsurance over aberrational claims and the absence of a sophisticated administration of the plan. IBOUSA’s plan will be robust in size, have protection against unexpected claims and be administered by a recognized large group health plan company.”

    Mike Dendy, CEO of CarynHealth, says “We founded CarynHealth to provide affordable, full-service health care solutions to small to mid-sized businesses like those in IBOUSA. We are very excited to work with IBOUSA and provide its associates with great coverage on improved economics.”

    This new plan will open enrollment on June 1st and be effective on August 1st.

    For more information visit the health information pages at https://www.ibousa.org/resources/supportooh-health/ or contact support at 580-226-2234.


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