• Those Who Tell Stories Rule the World

    Media Village posted their thoughts on the top 5 takeaways from last weeks 2017 OAAA\Geopath National Convention.  Here they are:


    1.Storytelling.  “Those who tell stories, rule the world” said Shane Snow  Chief Creative Officer of Contently.


    2. Media Amplification.  There is a consistent blending of the offline and virtual worlds.  Today more than ever, OOH needs to work smarter to earn attention.  Once you gain that, consumers know where to find and share your brand.


    3. The Power of Creative.  Creativity is an asset.  It is a need-to-have.


    4. Personalization of Brands.  People want to be able to connect to a brand when they see it.  It can’t just be a product; it has to connect with you and what you’re interested in.


    5. Disruption. Brands who embrace disruption will be the ones who succeed, by using data not as the answer but to inform the stories we tell. Smart data will be the next disruptor to the advertising industry.


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