• The election: what it means for out of home.

    A billboard start-up exec was elected to the Ohio Legislature.  The legal-cannabis category expanded.  And some states will have more road money.  That’s what voters decided Tuesday.

    Jena Powell, VP of sales and marketing at Huntington Outdoor Advertising in Greenville, OH, was elected to the Ohio House with 75 percent of the vote on November 6.  Her brother Justin Powell is CEO of the billboard company.  Jena Powell was motivated to seek public office to represent small business.  Congrats Jena!

    Justin Powell, Jena Powell, and OAAA’s Nancy Fletcher (2018)

    In Tennessee, Martin Daniel, president of Elevation Outdoor Advertising in Knoxville, was re-elected to the Tennessee House.

    Senator-elect Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Martin Daniel

    In Congress, Democrats won control of the US House.  Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) will become chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over billboards (Transportation & Infrastructure).

    DeFazio’s campaign has used billboards in his District in southwest Oregon. DeFazio’s political nemesis (Art Robinson) sued DeFazio because DeFazio’s campaign quoted Robinson on billboards; the $1 million defamation suit was dismissed (2013).

    DeFazio and Dan Dhruva of Pacific Outdoor Advertising (2016)

    Voters in Michigan legalized marijuana; legalization was defeated in North Dakota.

    Missouri and Utah approved medical cannabis.  Where cannabis is legal, marketing rules vary state by state.

    Election results were mixed for efforts to boost transportation spending.  California rejected an attempt to repeal its 2017 gas-tax increase; Missouri defeated a gas-tax increase.

    Connecticut voters agreed to an amendment requiring transportation revenues be used for transportation projects.

    Colorado voters shot down two separate ballot questions aimed at funding transportation projects.

    After congressional elections, OAAA congratulates winning candidates from both parties.  This example in Maryland features Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD):

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