• The DailyDOOH Investor Conference in Six Quotes

    Insider attended the DailyDOOH investor conference in New York on Thursday. Kudos to Adrian Cotterill for putting together a great conference.  Plenty of talk about programmatic out of home. Here are a smattering of quotes.

    OAAA Chief Marketing officer Stephen Freitas talking about the pending explosion of digital screens in New York while moderating a panel:

    “There are 7,500 Link/NYC screens being built in Manhattan.  Outfront is going to build 50,000 new digital screens for the MTA.  It seems like programmatic is the only way to deal with that kind of inventory.”

    Tommy Teepell, Lamar CMO, was upbeat about the shift of national advertising to programmatic:

    “I think within 6-12 months a majority of national transactions will be programmatic”

    Andrew Miller, VP Innovation and Product Engagement, Outfront Media discussing privacy: 

    “Everything is understanding the what, not the who……Everything we’re doing is anonymous…We’re held to a different standard because we operate in a public environment.”

    Dave Etherington, Chief Strategy Officer, Place Exchange on how real world privacy trumps online privacy:

    “The idea of an ad for a rash kit or a pregnancy kit following you from online up fifth avenue is not defensible.”

    Vistar CEO Michael Provenzano on challenges in selling programmatic out of home:

    “We learned the hard way.  We got in and said let’s connect the pipe and watch the money flow through…We had to build a 20 person national sales force to help promote.”

    Candice Simmons, Owner, Brooklyn Outdoor on what out of home needs to keep growing: 

    “To move forward the industry needs to emphasize education, storytelling, ease and creativity.”

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