• The Digital Billboard That Isn’t

    On-Premise Sign?




    or digital billboard?

    Seattle may have a ban on digital billboards but Seattle Mag reports that a building at fourth and union is testing the limits of the city’s sign ordinance.  The building is owned by Ann and Danny Schnitzer.  Ann Schnitzer is the registered agent of Sun Outdoor and Danny Schnitzer is Governor of Sun Outdoor LLC.  Schnitzer obtained a permit for a changing image sign for use as the building owner.  The sign can run static images which change no more than 7 times per minute and no off-premises advertising.  He’s installed a Watchfire LED which is running ads for an on-premise eye clinic, pictures and for-lease ads.

    Insider’s take:  Instead of permitting digital signs and guiding the process, Seattle’s draconian sign code prohibits digital billboards.  That encourages people to try to do whatever they can to circumvent the ban.  It can also result in litigation.

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