The Cookie Monster Mural Prank

A fun post for Friday although the landlord  who was pranked didn’t see the humor.  The New York Times says someone impersonated the owner of a building in Peoria, Illinois.  The impersonator paid an artist to paint a mural on the wall of a commercial building over the Thanksgiving weekend.  The building’s owner was not pleased to see a soviet style mural of the cookie monster on the side of the building together with the words  Peace. Land.  Cookies.  The building’s owner has whitewashed the mural and created a Graffiti Replacement facebook page to solicit designs to replace the original mural.  Looks to Insider like Peoria’s sign code will permit the mural as an original art display so long as the copy is approved by Peoria’s art commission.  Here’s the language on permitted signs in the Peoria sign code.

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