The 2019 Nielsen Out of Home Advertising Study

Neilsen presented the findings of its 2019 Out of Home Advertising Study at the 2019 OAAA show.  The study was based on 999 interviews with consumers.  A couple slides impressed Insider.

Lots and lots of vehicle time. 

Interviewees spent an average of  25 hours a week in vehicles.  Time in vehicles means exposure to Out of Home.

 Out of Home drives online searches and website visits.

Next time someone tells you they don’t need Out of Home because all of their leads come from their website, show them this slide.  33% of the interviewees to the Nielsen survey used a search engine to look up info on an advertiser after seeing an Out of Home ad.  23% of interviewees visited an advertisers website after seeing an Out of Home ad.  15% of interviewees visited an advertiser’s social media page after viewing Out of Home advertising.

OAAA members can download a copy of the Nielsen powerpoint from the OAAA website.

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