TG Shaw: The biggest mistake you can make when selling out of home is not knowing your inventory.

Today’s podcast guest TG Shaw, President of Reeves Shaw Media, talks about selling out of home and mistakes people make selling out of home.

How did you get into the out of home business?

TG Shaw, President, Reeves Shaw Media

I grew up in the northern suburbs of Atlanta and when I graduated high school I went to Valdosta State University in South Georgia.  And down at Valdosta I majored in marketing and during my senior year we were tasked with putting together a marketing plan for a local company…I was in charge of gathering advertising costs and that’s when I reached out to Lamar which started my interest in out of home…After graduation I moved back to Atlanta and stayed in touch with the Lamar Atlanta office until they were ready to hire me…in this case persistence paid off.

What impact has covid had in your markets?

Covid has been tough on everyone…we do a lot of national business and that was the first to go when all this hit in mid-march…So what we’ve been trying to do is be as flexible as possible…we’ve also pivoted and tried to go after more local sales because local sales are up in the market.  We’re starting to see national come back.  We’re starting to see more RFP’s.  Quite a few holds…we’re excited and hopeful for the return of the national dollars…

What are the keys to selling out of home?

To clearly explain the benefits of the medium and to be a trustworthy, dependable source of information for clients…it’s a different process working with a national agency versus a local HVAC company.  Knowing how to talk to people across the spectrum of business is key…We see our inventory on a weekly basis and never stop working for our clients…Being available and responsive is half the battle.

What are some of the most common objections you hear to out of home and how do you mitigate them?

With our main market being Atlanta which is one of the most competitive out of home markets in the country the most common objection I hear is typically price.  The units we represent are some of the biggest and oldest in the market but I always do my best to find options for any budget.  In a market like this it’s usually out of home company versus out of home company as opposed to our of home company versus another medium.

Tell us about a time you made a mistake and what you learned from it.

The biggest mistake you can make when selling out of home is not knowing your inventory.  I’ve made the mistake of selling a board that I thought was a good read but I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes in quite some time…trees grow significantly in a year.  The board was not worth what I sold it for.  I made it right with an alternate but that’s not a conversation you want to have with a client, especially with a new one…Just own up to your mistakes…if it’s my mistake I’m going to own up to it and I’m going to make it right…own your mistakes and make them right.

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