• Tasty Ad develops cloud-based OOH ad design solution

    Vendor:  Tasty Ad

    Headquarters: 2300 W Jackson St, Cookeville, TN  38501

    Phone: 931-854-8464

    Email:  info@tastyad.com

    Tasty Ad allows you to design billboard ads using the cloud.  The company was created by Shane Hutton (Creative Director of Roland Digital Media) and Dave Roland (President of Roland Digital Media).  Insider talked with them about the business.

    Dave and Shane, how did you get involved with the out of home business?

    Dave Roland: I have been in the sign business since 1984 and currently own and manage Roland Digital Media, a billboard and advertising company with 350+ faces in Middle Tennessee.

    Shane Hutton: I started my career at a sign and design shop in the early 2000’s and currently work at Roland Digital Media as the Creative Director. Tasty Ad was created to fill a need in the industry where billboard content needed to be created quickly yet still be very effective for advertisers.

    How does Tasty Ad work?

    Tasty Ad works by utilizing a cloud based platform of pre-designed ads where users can easily convert them into customer specific ads. What would normally take a designer an hour or more, now takes less than 5 minutes. The best part is anyone can use it. No design or technical skills needed.

    What are the benefits for an out of home company?

    One of the main benefits of Tasty Ad is using it as a sales tool. Your sales team can use it to create spec ads (sample ads for an advertiser you are trying to sell)  and present them to the potential client as an ice breaker to get a conversation going. This method has helped our sales grow tremendously over the years.  We simply put it into a program for everyone else to take advantage of.

    Of course you can also use it to design all of your creative. Which is perfect for companies that don’t have a full time designer on staff. But also designers enjoy using it because it is much faster than creating an ad from scratch using photoshop.

    What does the product cost?

    The base cost is $99 per month for a single user. Which is pretty affordable when you consider how much you have to pay an ad agency or designer for a single piece of art.  Our group plan (great for small to medium size OOH companies) is $249 per month and allows up to 20 users.

    What do I do if I want to learn more?

    If you want to learn more you can visit our website at TastyAd.com. From there you can learn more or simply sign-up and start creating and selling! We offer a free 2 week trial as well.

    Our YouTube channel has informational videos.

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