• Best practices for digital billboard photos

    A reader asked Insider for tips on how to take pictures of a digital billboard.  Watchfire has a 6 minute video titled how to photograph your sign or billboard.

    Here’s a quick summary:

    • Shutter Speed is key.  If you get it wrong your sign pictures will appear tiled.  1/30th of a second is a great starting point for most signs.  If you still see tiling change the shutter speed.
    • Use a tripod to keep you picture stable.
    • Aim for morning or dusk.  Midday is the worst time to take pics of an LED sign.  If you must shoot during the day take the picture of the shaded side of the structure.
    • Shoot from an angle rather than straight on.
    • Try to photograph the most colorful image on the sign.
    • Find an angle which reduces background clutter, e.g. powerlines, construction equipment, buildings.

    Insider will have other digital sign manufacturers address this topic in the future.

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