• TAB is Geopath

    Geopath_mediakit_cover (2)It’s official.  TAB has become Geopath.  Nice new website.  It breaks web design convention of never putting white print on a black background but a genius knows when to break the rules.  Take a look for yourself and tell Insider what you think.

    Geopath is the not-for-profit organization that independently audits and reports ratings for out of home (“OOH”) advertising, such as billboards, street furniture, and transit advertising, throughout the United States.

    The Geopath rebrand signals a strategic change in focus for the 83 year-old organization, from strictly measuring impressions, to measuring and analyzing audience location, and how audiences interact with OOH advertising as they move throughout the consumer pathway. This shift from inventory to audience provides improved analytics, deeper consumer insights, a better understanding of OOH effectiveness, and better alignment with other media measurement.

    A new tagline was created to highlight these key benefits – “Powering a smarter OOH.”

    Brand launch activities included the unveiling of a new website, geopath.org, media agency visits throughout the United States, mobile billboards, and a Times Square advertising takeover in New York City. The new brand will also be promoted during Advertising Week in New York City, beginning on September 26, 2016.









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