• Southeastern Signs and Central Virginia Business Roundtable Partner to Sell Ads


    Southeastern Displays Digital Billboard in Lynchburg

    Southeastern Signs and the Central Virginia Business Coalition have an innovative partnership under which the Central Virginia Business Coalition is buying slots on four digital billboards owned by Southeastern Signs in Lynchburg. The Coalition reselling the slots to its members to provide small and mid-sized businesses an affordable form of marketing.  Here’s what the Coalition’s executive director says: “It’s one of our better investments,” she said. “A lot of small businesses feel like they don’t have the money to advertise and honestly they need to. We hate to see a business open and then close because they couldn’t get their name out there. It’s a great opportunity to offer it to small businesses because their ad is seen over 28,000 times a month.”

    Insider’s take:  A clever idea.  Have you thought of partnering with your local chamber or business roundtable?

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