• Solar Billboard Picture Tutorial

    Earlier this week solar powered billboard expert Kevin Conlin discussed the state of the art in solar powered billboards.  Today Kevin continues his discussion using pictures to illustrate his points.

    Areas of the country with cloudy winters require a larger solar array to compensate, such at this 3160W array in Central Oregon on a Meadow Outdoor billboard:

    It’s all about the light.  Even a small sign can be economically lit with solar.  This is a 55W, 24 VDC with a Holophane AdVue light:

    This customer had previous issues with theft so the battery was enclosed in a hardened system to protect the investment:

    This Meadow Outdoor system uses a large battery bank with a Smartlink control/monitor for reliable operation in a cloudy climate:

    A large 5KW system, done right, requires sophisticated controls, but it easy to troubleshoot and service:


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