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    With the NFL, NBA and NHL in full swing, it may be the most wonderful time of the year for sports fans. But with all that’s happening on the field, court and ice, it can be hard to keep up — so, to keep fans engaged, teams and advertisers have been turning to one medium at an increasing rate: outdoor advertising.

    Intersection screen in NYC profiling 2018 winter olympics participant Ted Ligety.

    All across the country, pro sports organizations and advertisers trying to reach their fans, are increasingly leveraging dynamic capabilities of digital out-of-home (DOOH) displays to engage people in new ways. No longer confined to just the Jumbotron, teams are using DOOH signage deployed near their home venues and throughout their cities to deliver timely, location-relevant information to fans and passersby, such as live scores, gametime countdown clocks, player profiles, and more.

    Here are just a few examples of recent campaigns running on media assets owned and operated by Intersection, the leading smart cities tech and media company, with over 75,000 assets across the top 6 U.S. DMAs and other major markets around the country:

    • Philadelphia Eagles: During every game this season and last, the Eagles have shown live score updates on digital signage throughout the City of Brotherly Love, as well as player profiles and other creative to generate buzz for the team. What’s more, the team and advertisers updated creative to reflect the on-the-field success as they progressed through the playoffs and eventually won the Super Bowl last year.
    • The U.S. Open: LinkNYC kiosks across New York showed live scores and updates on their screens throughout the duration of the tennis tournament sponsored by IBM.
    • Crown Royal + Minnesota Vikings: For the full month of October, Crown Royal is sponsoring countdown clocks, live game scoring, and other dynamic content on digital signage and static OOH at the light rail station outside the Vikings’ US Bank stadium.

    As the Crown Royal campaign highlights, teams and brands are making the most of signage installed in and around public transit stations by arenas and stadia, effectively extending the gameday experience outside the concourses.

    Intersection is even getting in on the action — starting soon, the company’s in-house content team will begin running live scores, game schedules, and post-game recaps on their LinkNYC screens. This will include updates for all the local teams, as well as any playoff games. Happy to share images and further info on these campaigns, as well as additional examples of how the sports industry has been stepping up its OOH game.

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