• Sixteen Signs outside Amarillo

    Looks like Insider and Stott Outdoor General Manager Jim Moravec are each going to be writing checks to the OAAA Foundation for Outdoor Advertising and Research (“FOARE”).  We agreed to donate $500/each to FOARE if anyone produced a current billboard campaign which exceeded the 6 consecutive billboard campaign Stott Outdoor is running outside Rye Patch.

    Randy Burkett of Burkett Outdoor sent Insider a 16 sign Burma Shave campaign for the Big Texan Steakhouse running on I-40 fifteen miles west of Amarillo.  The signs are 50 feet apart and a publicize a Texas Steakhouse.  Burma Shave signs are no longer legal along US interstates but these sixteen 8′ by 8′ signs were built in 1973 and are fully grandfathered and legally permitted with Texas DOT.


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