• SignValue’s Paul Wright on Out of Home Brokerage Fees

    Insider wrote about out of home brokerage fees yesterday.   SignValue’s Paul Wright had comments on the article.

    Paul Wright, SignValue

    In response to your article on brokerage fees, I just wanted to share our policy/experience.

    Fee Amount

    You’re about right on brokerage fees. We sometimes charge less than 1% on large deals and fees can be as much as 10% on smaller deals. We used a Lehman scale many years ago and decided to use a simpler model for our buyer and seller brokerage. Clients felt like it was confusing, so we moved away from it pretty quickly. We feel like a good broker should be able to estimate a reasonable price range and offer a very simple competitive fee to sellers.

    Fee Base

    We are extremely flexible and offer very low fees. We have actually offered to collect part of our brokerage fees when a seller collects payments from buyers to make sure the seller keeps as much money as possible at closing.

    When the Fee is Paid

    You’re right about this. We generally collect our fee at closing through escrow and it is generally wired.

    Out of Pockets

    We have never charged a client for out of pocket costs. Never have and probably never will.

    You can contact Paul at info@signvalue.com, 480-657-8400.

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