• Shoutouts to Link Media, Rogers Media and Giesken Outdoor

    Link Media Outdoor is commemorating healthcare workers who are daughters of a Link Media Outdoor account executive April Kissinger.  Bailey Kissinger is normally an oncology nurse, but she has volunteered to work with the COVID 19 patients when the need was expressed. She is on a COVID 19 floor at a Milwaukee hospital.

    Younger sister Kendra Kissinger is a phlebotomist at a hospital in Wausau.

    Rogers Media is running a light-hearted Covid inspired ad for California Welding Supply.  Brought a smile to Insider’s face.  Humor helps in challenging times.

    Giesken Outdoor is running pictures of 2020 grads of OG High School on the digital across from the school.  Great idea Tom Giesken!


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