• Selena Kalvaria on Out of Home

    Selena Kalvaria, VP, Brand Marketing, at Luggage Maker Away talked about out of home, transit advertising and Times Square billboards on last Sunday’s Digiday Live podcast. Nice to see Kalvaria and the Digiday interviewer recognize the effectiveness of out of home.  Here’s what Kalvaria says about out of home.

    Let’s talk a little bit more about your marketing mix…

    We also are experimenting more with out of home placements.  And as we think about out of home not really seeing only for awareness but also for PR.  So when you have a piece of out of home the type of content you can put there can actually be a story in and of itself.  So we did times square which was a heroic effort.  48 hour turnaround on behalf of our creative team.  Couldn’t have done that with an agency.  And what we did is…we looked at the context.  It’s probably a group of people who do not know what Away is at all.  And the best way we thought to speak to them was to show the luggage in context.  So we used all UGC in Times Square.  It was nine different panels.  So that in and of itself earned media.  So every influencer was supporting what was there.

    There has been a resurgence of out of home with young startuppy companies overall.  A lot of them freely admit to issues…it’s very hard to follow conversions…It still seems to be really exciting for people.  Why do people like out of home so much?

    Honestly I think there is earned value to it that is really different from other channels.  It’s interesting in our Bond street store in Noho the number one kind of source that you heard about Away was from the subway.  So you also have to think about the types of placement…So when you think about the train that’s really interesting.  It’s someone who’s on their commute for 5-10 minutes per stop looking at something.  And I think that feels like a much more captivated audience than an interstitial ad somewhere else where you just keep flicking through…we have to balance between what’s intuitively feels like it’s going to return to the business even if we can’t tie direct dollars to it, and things that are proven to work…

    Here are links Kalvaria’s Digiday Live interview at stitcher and itunes.    Kalvaria starts talking about out of home at the 12:46 minute mark.


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