• Sean Reilly on Healthy Categories During Covid

    Sean Reilly, CEO, Lamar Advertising

    At last week’s JP Morgan Global Tech, Media and Communications Conference Lamar CEO Sean Reilly was bullish in the following categories:

    Services is primarily lawyers and other professional service.  It’s actually expanding slightly into home services…Things like cleaning services, pest control, office cleaning services.  They’re coming out to brand themselves.  Because brand matters now for a cleaning service…Services is fine and is going to be fine.

    Health and hospitals.  They stuck with us the whole time.  They spent on telling people to stay home, congratulating front line workers…and now they’re shifting to elective procedures because there was a hiatus on that…We’re seeing the smaller clinics and lasik shops and cosmetic surgery things.

    Most of our restaurants are fast foods.  McDonalds, burger king, chick-fil-a and they’re fine.  As a matter of fact they’re going to increase their spend with us as America hits the road…

    Financial institutions are going to be fine.  Particularly community banks.  They did really well on this PPP thing…

    I feel good about education.  High schools and colleges need to tell their students that they’re going to be open in the fall.

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