• Schmeichel and Furhman on Digital Billboards

    Joni Schmeichel and Chaz Fuhrman talk about digital billboards on the most recent edition of the Daktronics Experience podcast.  Some of the highlights.

    On the difference between static and digital billboard advertising

    The main question that comes up is why would you purchase an ad spot on a digital versus being able to put a piece of creative up on a static display and leave it up.  Why do I want to share space?…When you put a piece of creative on a static display that stays up.  So you can use that to brand.  We always use the example of the McDonalds Arches…You can put the Arches up and everybody know what that is…How are we going to complement that with digital?  Well the digital offers time sensitive information so maybe McDonalds is offering menu items throughout the day.  We can change that.  It’s March and we’re advertising Shamrock Shakes…After March we need to be able to take that down…

    On trends in digital advertising

    Some of the trends we are seeing is…better and better content.  Fewer words.  Easy to read messages.  Bright vibrant colors…Real time information.  Live scores….A countdown to game time…Pulling in feeds that include real time information…Other things we’re seeing is splitting time on displays.  In the past we were seeing 6-8 advertisers on one display and now breaking slots out and adding more slots based on time of day…Also some geofencing…maybe I park my car and I pass one digital display and it has an ad specific to me as I walk down the street I pass another digital display that’s geofenced and a day later I get an ad on my phone…with a special coupon….One other trend we’re seeing is indoor…an increase in indoor advertising displays, think transit, airports, retail environments…

    What types of companies like digital billboard advertising?

    It really varies …We’ve had customers sell out all their digital ad space to just one client.   Some of those clients are dentists, plastic surgeons…funeral homes, humane societies – they’re putting up the pet of the week…retail is great for digital, restaurants, bars…

    What do clients not think about when they consider a digital billboard?

    A lot of thought goes into the location of the display…A lot of thought goes into how am I going to make money…what’s my ROI…Something that is often overlooked is marketing…Digital’s a bit different…you have to educate the advertiser on what the flexibility of digital is…I might need a different section on my website that explains my digital inventory versus my static or how do I get up on that display if I’m an advertiser…Having self promotion on an empty slot…

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