• San Diego considering marijuana billboard restrictions.

    This marijuana billboard in Washington State is illegal because logos are no longer permitted in marijuana ads under the state’s new rules.

    California already has restrictions on Marijuana advertising but they aren’t good enough for San Diego.  Los Angeles Times reports that San Diego city councilman Chris Cate has proposed legislation to:

    • Prohibit marijuana billboard ads within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, youth oriented facilities, rec centers, libraries, churches and residential care facilities.  The state of California does not limit marijuana ads next to parks, churches or residential care facilities.
    • Prohibit marijuana billboard ads within 100 feet of residential housing.  The state of California does not limit billboard ads near residential housing.
    • Prohibit illegal dispensaries from advertising on billboards, internet platforms, newspapers, magazines and other publications.

    Insider’s take:  More and more states and communities are restricting marijuana billboards.  Restricting billboard advertising by illegal marijuana dispensaries seems a no brainer. Setbacks around places where kids congregate make sense.  The proposal avoid for now the attempt to control the content of ads.  Insider thinks content based controls open a can of worms.  Hard to get right, hard to interpret and subject to a court challenge.  To learn more about controls on cannabis billboards read Ken Klein’s The Evolving Cannabis Culture: A Growing OOH Category.

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