• Ro’s Rob Schutz on Out of Home

    Rob Schutz, co-founder and CRO for Ro, the healthcare startup, was interviewed last week on the Making Marketing podcast.  He likes out of home although Insider thinks he takes too limited a view of out of home’s capabilities.   Shutz’s comments are at the 16 minute mark of the 32 minute podcast.

    As you grew what started working for you?

    As we have expanded we have realized there’s your younger Instagram, I buy Blue Apron, I’m comfortable seeing things in my feed and clicking and buying from them demo and then there’s your older, my dad, doesn’t trust anything he sees on the internet.  He needs to see it on TV.  He needs to see it in the subway.  He needs to hear it on the radio with a host talking about it…We built initially out of that digital playbook.  But then as we’ve grown and we’ve seen the audience mature, we’ve worked out way into much more traditional out of home…When someone sees you on TV, when someone sees you on the subway, there’s a feeling of “this is a real company.”

    Digital brands love the subway though

    I think New York is actually a relatively unique market in that sense.  We’ve run the subway in a lot of other cities.  New York is just unique…If you’re from New York you see it as a rite of passage where if you’ve raised money you run on the subway…We’ve taken a bit of a different approach where the subway is important for us from an acquisition standpoint certainly but it can’t be the only goal.  It needs to be a combination of great for recruiting, great for brand, great for investor relations as well.

    What does Schutz get wrong about out of home?  Let Insider know using the form below.

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