• Rochester Seeks Pilot Program to Increase Out of Home Advertising

    “It comes down to being able to generate revenue to support city services that are not tax dollars”  Justine Roj, director of Communication and Special Events, City of Rochester.

    WHEC and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle report that Rochester, New York is seeking to raise $250,000 via a 24 month pilot out of home advertising program which will put advertising in city garages, skyways and bus benches.  Here are links to a draft of the legislation and the legislative analysis which contains questions from the city council.  The program will prohibit:

    • Ads on city vehicles
    • Ads in rec centers
    • Ads in parks.
    • Political, religious or issue-oriented messages.

    One of the objectives of the advertising is to support local community events such as the Rochester jazzfest.

    Insider’s take:  Yet another city experiments with out of home advertising on city property to generate non-tax revenue and to support community events and local businesses.  The legislative analysis is a good read to school yourself in questions to expect from a city when you want to do out of home on city property:

    • Who else is doing this?
    • What are the revenues?
    • What are the neighborhood impacts?
    • Will there be a discount for non-profit or city events?
    • How will we handle Free Speech issues if we deny ads?


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