• Rob Norman on digital out of home growth, privacy and augmented reality.

    Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer of Group M Worldwide talked about digital out of home at Wednesday’s Video Everywhere Summit.  Insider has excerpted some of Norman’s comments.

    What’s driving brands to digital out of home?

    Increasingly advertisers are looking to join up campaigns across locations and devices.  You would expect the fastest growth path of any media to be the addressable path.

    How do you stand out in a world of increasing digital screens? 

    On the New York subway more people use their own devices than look at the screen in the car.  This is less of a problem with roadside boards.  But what digital out of home loses from distracted users looking at mobile phones it learns from those devices via data.

    Consumers have a fear that data is being shared in unfair ways.  How can the industry address consumer concerns? 

    I believe broadly speaking that the consumer is a beneficiary of shared data in advertising.  Achieving relevance to consumers is hard unless there’s data exchange.  Our responsibility is to protect personal data.

    How will voice activation impact out of home. 

    There’s always a challenge of what happens to voice in out of home situations.  Responding to someone’s voice is either annoying or creepy and will be hard to scale.

    How close are we to the days of minority report where out of home advertising is tailored completely to us?

    Brand people have never seen an addressable opportunity that they haven’t liked.  Early autonomous users will be wealthy.  They will be valuable to advertisers. The out of home industry needs to think of how data will allow it to get new advertisers.


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