• Reilly on what’s growing and why

    Lamar CEO Sean Reilly had interesting comments on this week’s earnings call on which sectors have been growing for Lamar and why.


    “Financials were up 10%, if you drive around town, you’ll see a lot of ads – advertising CD rates right for community and local banks. And that’s a great thing to see.”

    Services Income

    “When the story is written for 2018 you’ll see that we’ve been taking share from other media.  Our services income is up 8%.  These were people who used to be using the yellow pages and you know what’s going on with the yellow pages. ”

    Sports, Entertainment and Amusement Advertising:

    “Another category which is growing rapidly for us particularly on our digital platform is amusements, entertainment and sports.  This is the tractor pull next weekend…That has traditionally been a radio sweet spot because you can produce an ad very quickly and respond however your ticket sales are going.  We can do that in digital in a nanosecond.  It there’s a need to sell tickets, if there’s a need to promote a concert…you can do it.”

    Reilly said sports gambling can be a contributor to revenues.  Draft Kings and Fan Duel generated $600,000 in revenue for Lamar before they were shut down.

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