• Regulatory Roundup March 8, 2019

    The Enid News and Eagle reports that the Enid Oklahoma city council has approved changes to sign regulations to allow existing billboards to be upgraded to digital billboards.  The revised sign ordinance is in the City Council May 7 Agenda.   Here’s a summary of the ordinance’s billboard provisions.

    • The maximum size of a billboard is 400 square feet.
    • 4 billboard structures are permitted per mile of highway frontage.
    • There is a 500′ setback between billboards.
    • The billboard must be painted a neutral color (e.g. white, brown, black, gray, green).
    •  Digital billboards are permitted with
    • a 6 second flip
    • illumination limits of 0.3 footcandles at 150 square feet for a sign of 300-375 square feet; 200 feet for a sign of 376-475 feet; and 250 feet for a sign of 476-672 feet.
    • The town continues to prohibit new billboards or off premise signs.

    “Meadow has been nothing but an excellent partner with the city.  It’s a win-win for everybody.”  That’s what an Ontario Oregon city employee says about Meadow Outdoor’s agreement to remove 21 crowded and diseased trees and to purchase and install and maintain 10 trees in their place.  Read the Argus Observer for more details.  Insider applauds this win-win approach.  The city gets diseased trees replaced.  Meadow gets a say in what new trees will be installed in order to help preserve the view of its billboards.  Meadow has invested $25,000 in the project so far.

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