• Regulatory Roundup – June 5, 2019

    Crossroads Outdoor lost a case against Howell Township.  Crossroads sought a variance to install a billboard in Howell Township, Michigan.  Town zoning administrator Joe Daus denied the variance on grounds that is was not permissible to place the billboard in the parking lot of the American Legion.  Crossroads filed a first amendment challenge suite against Howell Township and Daus personally.  The court ruled that denial of the sign permit was based on the location of the permit and not the content of the sign so the town’s code was not invalid.

    Trib Live reports that the Tarentum, Pennsylvania borough zoning board has declined Oliver Outdoor’s request to put a digital billboard at the Tarentum end of the Tarentum Bridge.  The Board had previously rejected Oliver.  The company asked the Board to reconsider because the billboard will be an asset to the community by supporting local businesses and permitting public safety notices and promoting local events.

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