• Regulatory Roundup July 5, 2018

    MRT reports the Odessa, Texas planning and zoning commission approved a request by John Gannon, Inc. to install a static billboard but rejected a request for a digital billboard at West County Road 100 and FM 1788.

    The Daily Freeman reports that Ulster, New York is considering a digital sign code.  The code will:

    • require an 8 second minimum flip
    • prohibit motion or animation
    • require brightness adjusted to ambient light
    • Limit messages to information about goods and services sold on-premises
    • require a 300 foot setback from residential zones
    • prohibit a company from converting a non-conforming sign into a digital sign.

    Insider’s take: Limiting digital signs to on-premise goods is discriminatory.  Ulster seems to be saying you can advertise on a digital sign is you’re wealthy enough or lucky enough to own your own building.  If you aren’t wealthy or lucky you can’t advertise.

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