• Monterey, TN denies billboard request

    Herald-citizen reports the the Monterey, Tennessee Board of Aldermen has rejected a change to the town’s commercial zoning to all the construction of a billboard on city property on Commercial Avenue.  The property is owned by the town’s police department.  Billboard developer Greg Jackson proposed to pay the town $1,000/year for 20 years as rent on the property.  One alderman thought there were to many billboards in town.  Another alderman was concerned about putting advertising on police property.

    Insider’s take:  An example of the kinds of objections you face when you want to put billboards on city property.  Why do a billboard on our property when there are enough billboards in town?  What kind of ads will run and will the city be seen as endorsing the content if the ads run on a billboard on city property?  Will you run ads which benefit local businesses or out of town businesses?  You need to address these concerns when you make a proposal and stress the benefits of the sign:

    • money to fund city services
    • a way for local businesses to advertise and prosper
    • public service ads (if the sign above were a digital it would be great to remind the Aldermen of how the sign could run most wanted ads and public safety announcements).


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