• Protecting Your Digital Billboards During Hurricane Season

    By Watchfire Signs.

    Hurricane season is here, which means it’s the time for businesses to make preparations that protect their locations and assets if an unexpected storm arrives. Digital displays are one of the most important assets businesses use to advertise and promote products in front of their store, but in times of an emergency digital signs can be helpful to the community. Here are four important instructions for preparing your LED sign or digital billboard before a hurricane.

    1. Do not turn the display off. Leave your sign running because it allows the internal fans to continue providing proper ventilation and prevents condensation from building up inside the cabinet. Also, a fully powered up sign is a community asset, allowing you to share important public safety announcements as long as there is still power.
    2. Never cover the face of your digital display. Tarps or plastic against the face of the sign in high winds can cause damage to the LEDs or louvers.
    1. Leaving the power on will allow you to use your display for important public safety announcements. Coordinate your efforts with the local emergency management agencies and the American Red Cross.
    1. After the storm has passed, most Watchfire digital signs and billboards will be fully functional as soon as power is restored. If damage has occurred, support is just a phone call away.
    Watchfire displays have multiple surge suppressors that will prevent most damage caused by electrical surges from lightning or power lines crossing during a storm. Lightning strikes can still damage the display in the case of a direct hit, but this is rare. Watchfire billboards and on premise LED signs have survived hurricanes throughout the U.S. coastal regions and in Puerto Rico, typically performing as expected once power is restored.
    If you follow these instructions, your digital display will be prepared for a hurricane or severe weather, and you can still use it to help your local community stay informed with timely public safety announcements. 

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