• Programmatic Campaign to Legalize Lemonade Stands

    As we officially enter summertime, kids around the country are putting their best entrepreneurial foot forward to set up their lemonade stands and make a few extra bucks for their piggy banks. But did you know that operating a lemonade stand on city streets is actually only legal in 15 states in the US?

    This year, inspired by recent bills passed in Texas and Colorado to legalize lemonade stands, Country Time Legal-Ade is giving parents, kids, and lemonade lovers the tools to change their state’s permit laws and #LegalizeLemonade. In a unique effort to increase awareness of the campaign this week, Country Time partnered with Place Exchange, the only true programmatic exchange for out-of-home and place-based media, and Lamar Advertising, one of the largest out-of-home advertising companies in the world, to spread the message on billboards in states where operating lemonade stands is still illegal.

    Through an execution by Country Time’s media agency, Starcom, via advertising platform Amobee, people in cities like Phoenix, Milwaukee, Newark, Boise, and Philadelphia saw messages such as “Running a lemonade stand in Boise could get you fined $335. Countrytimelegalade.com. #LegalizeLemonade.”

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