• Privacy and Digital Billboards

    Digital billboard opponents used to base all their arguments on safety.  It’s harder to make those claims in the wake of federal government studies which have found that digital billboards do not distract drivers.  Insider is starting to see digital billboard opponents raise privacy as an issue.  Here’s a quote from a WISHTV article on digital billboards in Indianapolis:

    “Yes, there is a privacy issue, and we have been totally rebuffed on putting any kind of a restriction on the collection of data…Interrogating people’s phones, interrogating their cars, following them with advertising: The industry is very open about it.  They call it out of home advertising and marketing.  They promote that as something they can do with these signs and we are very concerned about that.”

    Insider’s take:  You need to be prepared to address questions about privacy when you are seeking approval of a digital billboard permit.

    • The OAAA has a privacy code which supports compliance with the law, transparency, individual control on disclosing information and protection of personal information.
    • Out of a home is a one to many medium.  It is not one to one like online or mobile.  It targets groups, not individuals.
    • Data about who passes a digital billboard is anonymous and aggregated.  It does not identify individuals.

    What’s your response to privacy questions?  Let Insider know using the form below.

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